National MemberOperating in 5+ provinces/territories$5,000.00
Multi-Location/ Multi ProvincesOperating in 2 to 4 province/territories$3,000.00
Multi-Location/ 1 provinceOperating in 1 province/ Territory$1,500.00
Single LocationOne Location$500.00
Supporting MemberVendor$1,000.00
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Benefits Of Membership

Regular Members

Regular Members are full-service restoration contractors with one or more offices in Canada. The benefits of being an RCOC regular member include:

Too often, decisions about the full-service restoration industry are made by industry stakeholders without seeking the input of restoration contractors. RCOC is working to ensure that the industry’s collective voice is heard, and that our needs are taken into account when decisions are made.

All of our members are listed on the RCOC website. In turn, RCOC members have the right to link their website to the RCOC website.

Each year, the RCOC identifies a number of issues that are relevant to our members, and whose resolution will benefit our industry. Our efforts focus on industry research and communicating with stakeholders to advance the positions of RCOC members.

RCOC has developed reporting formats with Xactware to allow feedback on local line item validation and local vendors

We promote the benefits of using full-service restoration contractors to industry stakeholders and the public by various means including our website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and by acting as advocates throughout the insurance and risk management world.

Benefits Of Membership

Supporting Members

Supporting Members are not restoration contractors, but instead work with the restoration industry to help full-service restoration contractors achieve their business objectives. The benefits of being an RCOC supporting member include:

By focusing on its mission, RCOC helps to bring stability to the restoration industry. This stability assists supporting members in reaching their business goals.

Supporting members are listed on the RCOC website. In turn, RCOC members can link their websites to the RCOC website.

From time to time, supporting members will be provided with opportunities to sponsor RCOC events, such as our annual general meeting.

From time to time, supporting members will be invited to set up a display at RCOC events.

To help us meet our goals, we periodically ask supporting members to make presentations at events.

We rely on the expertise of our supporting members to assist us with RCOC projects.

Strategic Partners